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‘We are blessed our paths crossed. […] From the very start it was obvious Helen had a beautiful, loving and considerate nature. The very first day we dropped [our son] off he was very upset…. “He’ll be fine” Helen said with a reassuring smile. 10 minutes later we got a text “He’s playing away with his new friends…..don’t worry….enjoy your morning”. That’s just one example of the nature of Helen and the ethos of that school and the people running it […] All the teachers in that school are just brilliant and caring. 

[...] Even for me as a parent, Kilmacow Montessori School is a lovely place to visit twice a day. […] I knew Kilmacow Montessori School was special. The curriculum is one thing, but there’s more to teaching than that. There’s no point talking about what’s being covered academically…’s of the highest standard.

[…] Every child runs in smiling and comes out the same way…..maybe I’ll just leave it there. ‘

- Gavin Walsh, Parent 


I am going to use the analogy of a Jigsaw Puzzle to describe the school. […] If we consider a Jigsaw and every piece being of equal importance as the other, I think this would capture the ethos of Kilmacow Montessori. Puzzle pieces comprising of warmth, kindness, professionalism, learning, imagination, expression, creativity, connection, empowerment, family, inclusion and most of all, the personal individual hello each morning as they stepped inside the school gates.

[…] I think it is a testament of the wonderful work they do at the Montessori that my children were queuing up to complete their Transition Year Experience there’.

- Jo Rockett, Parent 


There are no words adequate to portray my appreciation of the service that I as a parent have experienced at Kilmacow Montessori. […] My children […] were encouraged to ask questions, express their feelings and to challenge themselves daily, but most importantly to have fun doing it!

As an educator, I see the benefits of nurturing a love of learning through fun activities in a safe environment with teachers and staff who truly care about and love my children.’

- Ciara Russell, Parent 


‘As someone who was not from the area and who did not have a support network, the advice and support I received from Helen and Leeann was invaluable to me. […] They also have this magical way about them, that they are able to bring about the absolute best in children. […] Helen and her staff are all exceptional teachers and the community are very lucky to have them.’

- Michelle Quinn-Mullally, Parent 


My husband and I are not Irish, I’m German and he is Greek, Helen and Leeann incorporated this into the children’s school days, I remember the children learning about Europe and Helen asking me to bring some things in so the children could learn more about Greece and Germany. […] The children going to this Montessori will have the best start into school and life thanks to those amazing teachers.’

- Marie Protopapas, Parent 


My 2 boys […] are my primary focus in life and to ensure I can both be at home for my boys but also continue to work the job [paediatric nurse] I hold so much passion for, childcare is a necessity. […] We are blessed to be part of the Kilmacow Montessori family.’

- Siobhan Ahearne, Parent


Some very special visitors call yearly ....the Easter Bunny.... Seamus the Leprechaun.... and of course Santa himself! Prior to Covid restrictions the children had other visitors such dancers...singers...just to name a few! They have been educated on how to care for their pets by a professional. They also receive yearly talks on Road Safety. The list is endless!

[…] As my final few months in Kilmacow Montessori are coming to an end... I find myself a little sad that I won't be part of their magical world anymore!’

- Maire Widger, Parent 


Our daughter […] started in Montessori in 2005 and to say she was happy there would be an understatement. Her love of learning, which she continues to this day, began in Kilmacow Montessori. […] To a small community like Kilmacow, having a family run Montessori School in the heart of the village, accessible to all children in the area is such an advantage.’

- Rory and Toni Williams, Parents


‘My first experience with Kilmacow Montessori was as a parent. […] From the very beginning I found the school to be very child centered and inclusive towards the families of the children attending and the wider community.

[…] The school also integrates strongly within the community and use all the resources available to them, through the parents and the village population in general. […] Introducing the children to so many different elements of the world they are inhabiting is above and beyond delivering just the curriculum requirements.

[…] my experience of having my children attend this school prompted me to re-train in the area of Early Years education. […] I garnered a new respect and awe for this sector and to have my children attend Kilmacow Montessori was a privilege and an honour for my family. [...] The school facilitated my college placement and for 1 day a week I was fortunate to be taken on and mentored by these amazing people. […] It was my absolute pleasure to spend time in this school and my progression in my chosen field is in no small way attributed to what I learned during my time with the school.

- Mairead Hayes, Parent 




‘I attended Kilmacow Montessori when I was four years of age where I was met with open arms every morning by both Helen and Leeann. This wasn’t always an easy task however as I was very nervous in the beginning. Helen and Leeann were always very patient and with their help and expertise my confidence grew day by day. Little occasions such as our graduation day and the various celebrations we had during our time there are fond memories that I will always carry with me.

I returned to Kilmacow Montessori during my transition year work experience in secondary school where I got the opportunity to learn first hand about the brilliant work that the teachers here do to prepare children for their future education […] During my work experience I was given the opportunity to share my karate experience with the students as part of “Japan” week in the school. […] my time in Kilmacow Montessori confirmed for me that I would love to work with children in the future.’ 

- Lynda Gahan, past student 




I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your leading work in education here in Kilmacow. Your Montessori and after school care provide an invaluable service to the children and parents of our area.

Friendships, routines, social skills and learning are formed by the children in your Montessori and these experiences enable a smooth transition for the children when they enter Junior Infants.

Many children from our school use your after school care facility. This is a positive experience for the children and an amazing service for parents enabling them to work a full day.

Your business makes a big difference to our village.’

- Kieran Walsh, Principal, St. Senan’s National School


‘Helen Murphy Walsh has been a vital cog in our local community for about the last two decades. We are so grateful to have a quality childcare service available to families on their door step. This provides accessibility to both ECCE and after school childcare for parents. 

Helen is very open to developing close links with the primary school in relation to the transfer of pupils and this would be of immense benefit for the children transferring from pre-school to our primary school.’

- Elaine O’Connor, Principal, St. Patrick’s National School 


‘Over the last many years Kilmacow Montessori and After-School Care have provided our QQI Level 5 and Level 6 ECCE students from the Waterford College of Further Education (WCFE) with wonderful work experience placements.

Our students have gained fantastic opportunities to learn about how developmental and educational theory apply in early years practice. The understanding the students gain from their placement in Kilmacow Montessori and After-School Care shines through in the standard of coursework they produce based on their work experience.’

- Clare Kelly, Coordinator of the Childcare, SNA and Psychology Department, Waterford College of Further Education


‘I just want to state that as TY Coordinator of Abbey Community College we have a very productive relationship with Kilmacow Montessori School. Our Transition Year students have taken up work experience in the school which was a very enjoyable and educational experience. I look forward to continuing this relationship and wish them every success in the future.’

- Anne Marie Doherty, TY Coordinator, Abbey Community College

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