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Kilmacow Montessori School offers an After-School programme during term time and caters for School Age Children from 4 – 12 years. The service brings a wide range of benefits to children, their families, and the community. We aim to boost academic performance, encourage active citizenship, promote physical health, and provide a structured environment for the children of working parents. 

We provide:

  • Academic Support - Your child can work on homework in a more relaxed setting, with help available when necessary. 

  • Mentoring - The child develops a bond with a trusted adult, outside the family or a non-judgemental, inclusive environment.with regarding friends, school, family etc. Here, they are free to express themselves in school unit, where they can discuss any concerns or questions they may be dealing 

  • Arts Camp; Culture - There are ample opportunities for students to develop in the areas of arts and culture. 

  • Sports Camp; Recreation - Children are encouraged to spend time outdoors daily with sports and recreational equipment available. 


Children at Primary School Level are confined to a strictly structured environment for 6 hours per day. Our After-School Programme gives children a post-school bell freedom within limits in a relaxed, aesthetic environment. 

"After-School at Kilmacow Montessori is a safe haven for children while their parents are at work"

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