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Kilmacow Montessori School is now enjoying the benefits of our recent Green Energy Retrofit.

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Playing our part
in achieving the Government's
Climate Action Plan

We have significantly reduced our schools carbon footprint.

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The Story of Our School

from Helen

On the 11th of January 2005, I watched with great pride as the ribbon was cut at the official opening of Kilmacow Montessori School. This moment was the fruit of years of hard work and dedication, and each day in the classroom I am reminded that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After twenty-four years in the insurance industry, I decided it was time for me to pursue a different career path. At this time, I had two young children and I was captivated by their development, their curiosity, and the way they saw the world around them. Eager to learn more, I enrolled in 2002 for my Montessori Diploma in Teaching.

My extensive business background and Montessori training made the decision to open my own school in Kilmacow an obvious one. My sister Leeann embarked on this Montessori journey with me and our mission to bring quality Montessori education to our local community has been the guiding principle for all decisions in our school since the day we opened

In our school we combine the Montessori Method of teaching with our own strengths as individuals and as a team. Our talents in music, dance, art, and theatre complement our professional training, enriching the Montessori-based world our school provides for our students.

The personalised approach we take to Early Years education is unparalleled. The Montessori Method is designed to be tailored to each child’s individual capabilities and interests. We believe this is only truly possible within a small setting where each child can receive the attention they deserve by teachers who care about their progress. We are not a large scale, anonymous Early Years setting, but rather one which is intimate and bespoke.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and we look forward to welcoming you into our school.

Helen Murphy-Walsh

- Owner

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